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Lufft specializes in precision intelligent weather monitoring technology. The innovative WS Family of Intelligent weather station equipment and sophisticated plug and play data collection system offerings have made Lufft a global leader in environmental monitoring.Specialties:Road Weather Information Systems, Anemometer, Environmental Monitoring, Weather Critical Operations, Doppler Precipitation Sensor, All in One Weather Station, Weather Station, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Meteorology, Solar monitoring


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Lufft WS600 Compact Weather Station
Lufft WS600 Compact Weather Station

From the WS product family of professional intelligent measurement transducers with digital interface for environmental applications.

WS600-UMB Compact Weather Station for measuring of air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed. Relative humidity is measured by means of a capacitive sensor element; a precision NTC measuring element is used to measure air temperature. Ultrasonic sensor technology is used to take wind measurements. Measurement output can be accessed by the following protocolls: UMB-Binary, UMB-ASCII, SDI-12, MODBUS One external temperature or rain sensor is connectable.

Air Temperature & Humidity
Temperature is measured using a highly accurate NTC-resistor, while humidity is measured using a capacitive humidity sensor. Both sensors are located in a ventilated radiation shield to reduce the effects of solar radiation.

Absolute air pressure is measured using a built-in MEMS sensor. The relative air pressure referenced to sea level is calculated using the barometric formula with the aid of the local altitude, which is user-configurable on the equipment.

Wind Speed & Direction
The wind sensor uses four ultrasound sensors which take cyclical measurements in all directions. The resulting wind speed and direction are calculated from the measured run-time sound differential.

The integrated electronic compass can be used to check the north-south adjustment of the sensor housing for wind direction measurement. It is also used to calculate the compass-corrected wind direction.