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Wohler VIS220 Pushrod Camera
Wohler VIS220 Pushrod Camera

Pine now have the Wohler VIS220 available to rent. The 1' mini camera head delivers a crystal clear image of any internal piping problem and is waterproof to a depth of 100 ft. Dual 12 V rechargeable batteries allow for over 3 hours of cordless operation. The TFT monitor provides brilliant picture quality which can be documented to a VCR or other electronic devices through its RCA video output. The 100 ft. distance indicated push rod cable pinpoints the exact location of the problem. All this is boxed in a heavy duty carrying case, bringing all the rugged durability you have come to expect from Wohler products.

Wohler VIS 340
Wohler VIS 340

Based on the popular portable format of the VIS220/230 series, the VIS340 offers unprecedented new features including on-board memeory card for saving video images and reporting capabilities. Available in 100 foot pushrod, waterproof ccd camera with Pan and Tilt capability, the new cameras are ideal for the most challenging applications. The VIS340 is a 100 foot system. The VIS 340 features a new 7" high contrast display, tactile feedback keypad for adjusting the camera head, digital on-screen encoder to show camera distance, powerful LED lightsource with automatic gain control, video output for recording all in a lightweight package.

Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera
Wohler VIS 350 Visual Inspection Camera

Allows the Vis 350 push camera see in all directions. Other push rod inspection camera systems only see straight ahead and cannot see the detail of sidewalls like the Vis 350.

Orientation of the camera is displayed so you always know the orientation of the pipe.

The Vis 350 is the only pipe inspection or sewer camera with the ability to show the angle of the camera head. This will reveal dips and low points in pipes and if the push rod camera is moving up or down.

The Vis 350 push camera weighs in at only 15 lb and is selfcontained in a convenient system case. Other inspection or drain cameras have heavy metal storage reels and separate viewing monitors that add to their bulk and weight.

included with the Vis 350 are 2 batteries for extended use in the field when AC power is not available. This is superior to chimney, pipe, push