Ready to Support Professionals Responding to Hurricane Irma & Harvey

We at Pine would like to express our thoughts and concerns to all who have suffered during the recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey. We are here and ready to support our customers with all equipment, supplies and service support needed for crisis response cleanup.

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RIDGID is the supplier of drain maintenance equipment, ranging from drain inspection to pumps and hand tools. The Ridgid brands is designed withstand the toughest environments and can always be depended on.


Ridgid Products

Ridgid 200' Mini Seasnake
Ridgid 200' Mini Seasnake
The RIDGID/Kollmann Mini SeeSnake Pipe Inspection Tool is ideal for inspecting 1¼' to 6' lines. Its flexible camera head can negotiate multiple hard 90° bends in lines 1¼' and larger, and the fibreglass rod is flexible enough to easily travel bends, yet stiff enough to push the camera head up to 200'. The camera housing, sapphire crystal lens port (a scratch resistant material), waterproof connectors, and push rod are built for long lasting use.

Ridgid SeeSnake nanoReel Industrial Video Inspection System
Ridgid SeeSnake nanoReel Industrial Video Inspection System
  • ¾" to 2" (20 to 50 mm) Capacity up to 85' (25 m)
  • Passes 90° bends in most 30 mm lines

The SeeSnake nanoReel opens up new possibilities in long run small diameter inspection needs. Applications where only bore scopes could reach can now be inspected using the nanoReel. Boiler tubes, supply lines, sprinkler systems, and a wide array of specialty applications can all be inspected using the new nanoReel.