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QED Environmental Systems has been specializing in water quality engineering for more than 35 years. QED is the leading international supplier of air-powered submersible pumping systems that Pine customers require for groundwater sampling, groundwater remediation and landfill liquids. The common theme of QED’s products is to offer innovative products that reduce the total costs for their users through ease of use, long-term durability and technical superiority.



QED Products


Forget about having to purge multiple well volumes before sampling, because with low-flow purging technology you can obtain accurate, precise samples with a reduction in purge volumes of up to 95 percent. Low-flow samples bypass stagnant, contaminated water in the well casing and exhibit reduced turbidity, minimized degassing and volatilization. In most cases, you won’t have to filter samples before analysis. Low-flow sampling is approved in almost every state and EPA region. With the Sample Pro Consultant Kit, we offer a complete system for low-flow ground-water sampling specifically engineered for rugged field duty. The heart of the Kit is the MP10 MicroPurge Basics controller that revolutionizes sample pump flow control by making it simple, stable and repeatable. No overshooting, no flow rate fluctuation to disturb the well. An ID mode lets you recall a flow setting for the next sampling round. The Sample Pro pump was designed specifically for portable low-flow sampling. De-contamination is done with quick-change, one-piece disposable bladders.


The QED MP20D flow cell is engineered to allow the sensing probes to make rapid, accurate responses to changes in purge water parameters. The flow cell is 100% transparent for ease of observation. The low-volume, fast-response cell couples to the sonde with a quick, bayonet attachment, and can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position. The incoming flow is directed in a tangential path around the flow cell to provide fast, thorough mixing with no 'dead spots' that could affect the accuracy of purge parameter measurements. Bubbles in the flow stream are vented out of the cell and away from the probe purge water analysis. The multiparameter probe has a special sensor with built-in stirring for highly stable dissolved oxygen readings. All sensors are easy to calibrate and the unique pH preferencce electrode is fully field-serviceable, a huge advantage in keeping field work on track as well as reducing pH probe replacement costs.

QED Compressor 12V, Model 3020
QED Compressor 12V, Model 3020

Oil-less electric compressor

The 3020 Compressor is a useful option for low-flow sampling of wells at depths to 100 feet. It runs on a 12 volt DC electrical supply, and can be connected to your vehicle's battery with the supplied cables, or driven by a separate power source.

At just 15x11x6-1/2'' and 15 pounds, it offers an extremely convenient, portable pneumatic power choice for many sampling systems.

Electric Compressor Specifications:

  • Model No. 3020
  • Dimensions 15 x 11 x 6.5'' (38x28x17 cm)
  • Weight 15 lbs (7 kg)
  • Power Supply 12 VDC (battery cable)
  • Max. Pressure 100 PSI (6,895 kPa)
  • Rec. Max. Lift 100 Feet (30 m) optimal, can reach 200 feet
  • Output 0.21 SCFM @ 100 psi (0.357 m3/h @ 6,895 kPa)

QED Micropurge MP10, MP10H and MP10UH Controller
QED Micropurge MP10, MP10H and MP10UH Controller

Available Models: MP10, MP10H and MP10UH

The MicroPurge® basicsTM MP10 Controller revolutionizes low-flow sampling with advanced logic control of purge flow and well drawdown. Simple up-down arrow keys increase and decrease purge flow, driving a microprocessor to recreate expert techniques for low-flow adjustment. Then, optimized settings are identified for recall in the next round of sampling.

The MP10 also offers an easy way to prevent excessive monitoring well drawdown during purging, by linking to the optional MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter.

The lightweight, compact MP10 sets the pace for a new generation of genuine MicroPurge basics equipment, first in control and power for low-flow sampling.

Simple, stable, repeatable flow rate setting

The MP10 puts you in control of the most advanced low-flow sam-pling system ever made. You will purge and sample quickly and easily, with precise, steady low-flow pumping rates from one sampling event to the next.

QED's new basics equipment is also designed to take advantage of the opportunities for downsized equipment, which is lighter and more portable, reduces equipment cost and increases sampling crew productivity. Simplified, sealed electronics are put together in a design that delivers famous QED durability and value.

MicroPurge basics controllers can be connected to the MP30 Drawdown Meter for optional Automatic Drawdown Control, an industry first.

Multi-mode digital contro l

The MP10 gives you three easy-to-use operating modes, to cover every sampling protocol and situation.MicroPurge (MP) Mode quickly optimizes control settings to reach the desired pump flow rate. You don't have to worry about calculating pump cycles or refill and discharge times.

ID Mode instantly recalls optimized settings previously established for each well, providing precise, consistent performance from event to event.

User Set (MN) Mode provides manual control of pump operation for extreme depths and other special cases.

QED Micropurge MP15 Control and Power Pack
QED Micropurge MP15 Control and Power Pack

The MP15 MicroPurge Backpack combines advanced low-flow control with the quiet power of a built-in compressed gas source, for the ultimate in portability and ease of use in sampling ground water with bladder pumps.

The MicroPurge MP15 Controller revolutionizes low-flow ground water sampling with advanced logic control of purge flow and well drawdown. Simple up-down arrow keys increase and decrease purge flow to meet low-flow requirements. Once optimized, settings can be easily recalled in the next round of sampling.
Portable power to sample ground water with any bladder pump

The easy, advanced MicroPurge flow rate and drawdown control features are housed in a molded case along with a lightweight CO2 cylinder, putting everything you need to operate bladder pumps into one easily portable unit. A standard padded nylon case protects the MP15 MicroPurge control & power pack in transport, provides over-the-shoulder on-site carrying convenience, and even has a hook on the back to let you hang it from the well casing during sampling.

With this combination, a complete sampling setup can be carried by a single person, to reach wells where trucks or even compressor carts can't go.

QED Micropurge Basics Flow Cell MP20
QED Micropurge Basics Flow Cell MP20

MicroPurge Basics Flow Cell.  Water analyzer and engineered flow cell package with PurgeScan technology.  PurgeScan provides automatic notification of parameter stabilization, with visible/audible signals.  Single sonde reads pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, ORP (redox), and temperature. Meter can log up to 200 frames of data, and shows five parameters at once. Unit weighs 14 lbs.

QED Micropurge MP30 Drawdown Meter
QED Micropurge MP30 Drawdown Meter

The MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter is unique. With its link to the MicroPurge pump controller for automatic drawdown control, you'll never have to worry about overpurging a monitoring well again. By constantly keeping track of well level for you, the MP30 removes one of the variables that can make lowflow sampling a challenge. Even if distractions occur, you'll have the confidence of knowing that the well will not be pumped down to excessive drawdown levels that could compromise your sample integrity.

QED MP40 basics Engine/ Compressor
QED MP40 basics Engine/ Compressor

The rugged MicroPurge MP40 Portable Air Compressor eliminates the weight and part count of other oil-less field compressors. The high quality compressor is directly coupled to a smooth-running Honda engine, without the weight and complexity of pulleys, belts, and belt guards. The MP40 compressor is mounted in a light weight aluminum cage for easy carrying at only 48 pounds total weight. A new hose reel option (MP40-2; separate rental) attaches to the compressor cage so that wells up to 200 feet away can be reached without having to move the compressor unit.

QED MP50 Controller/12 VDC Compressor
QED MP50 Controller/12 VDC Compressor

The MP50 combines our highly successful MP10 Digital Controller and 3020 Compressor into one convenient, integrated unit.It puts you in control of the most advanced low-flow sampling system ever made. You will purge and sample quickly and easily, with precise, steady low-flow pumping rates from one sampling event to the next. QED’s new basics equipment is also designed to take advantage of the opportunities for downsized equipment, which is lighter and more portable, reduces equipment cost and increases sampling crew productivity. Simplified, sealed electronics are put together in a design that delivers famous QED durability and value. MicroPurge basics controllers can be connected to the MP30 Drawdown Meter for optional Automatic Drawdown Control, an industry first.


  • Built-in rugged, durable fan-cooled 12 VDC air compressor, with the option to use an external air source, if desired.
  • Exclusive MicroPurge control mode uses simple arrow keys to adjust low-flow rates easily and repeatably, using a microprocessor to re-create the flow adjustment strategies used by experienced samplers.
  • Connection port allows linking to optional MP30 Drawdown/Water Level Meter,which signals MP50 Controller to enter standby mode if drawdown limit is exceeded.
  • Multi-mode digital control includes MicroPurge Mode, ID Mode for repeat events, and manual control.
  • Weatherproof controls are housed in a rugged, compact (16'' x 13'' x 6.5'') case.
  • Full digital display of all setting and status information

QED Well Wizard Dedicated Sampling Pump
QED Well Wizard Dedicated Sampling Pump

Well Wizard pumps for MicroPurge sampling systems come in an unsurpassed range of sizes, materials, and capabilities, including models for deep wells, narrow or obstructed casings, and small-volume pumps for low-yield wells. Together with MicroPurge controllers, flow cells, and accessories, they create the most reliable, cost-effective low-flow system available.

Field proven pump designs and exclusive, high performance PTFE bladder formulation offer the reliability critical to long-term monitoring. QED was first in the industry with a standard 10-year sampling pump warranty -- ''no-loopholes'' protection that covers the entire pump, including the bladder.

Bladder pumps, EPA-accepted for low-flow sampling, have been shown to deliver superior sample accuracy and precision in dozens of independent studies. Over 50,000 Well Wizard bladder pumps are in use -- more than all other brands and types of dedicated ground water samplers combined.

Well Wizard pumps are built for reliability, with refinements perfected over nearly 20 years of continuous engineering and improvement -- extra value you won't find in any other bladder pump. One example: stainless steel in Well Wizard pumps is electropolished to passivate the surface, delivering years more corrosion resistance than competitors' models.

Pneumatic bladder pumps operate with a unique, gentle action ideal for low-flow sampling. Timed on/off cycles of compressed air alternately squeeze the flexible bladder to displace water out of the pump, and release it to allow the pump to refill by submergence, without creating any disturbance that could affect sample chemistry. Bladder pumps run easily at low rates for extended times, without the problems of other devices.

  • No overheating of high-speed electric pump motors, which can alter samples and ruin the pumps.
  • No churning action, like that of bailers or inertial-lift samplers that increase turbidity.
  • No suction to cause degassing of dissolved volatile contaminants.

The bladder prevents contact between the pump drive air and the sample, and the downwell equipment is permanently dedicated to each well, so both samples and the well are protected from disturbance or the danger of cross-well contamination.

Well Wizard bladder pumps are part of the complete MicroPurge equipment system for low flow sampling, engineered for easy installation and use. QED application specialists will help specify the most effective, economical pumps and accessories for your site.

Each pump is cleaned and laboratory-certified to be free of volatile organic compounds, acid extractable and base neutral contaminants. Your system is preassembled, with tubing cut to length, ready to install.

If desired, installation by OSHA-certified field technicians is available. QED customer support -- with trained local representatives, 24-hour toll-free hotline, and next-day loaners or service turnaround when nee ded -- backs you with unmatched expertise and service.

More MicroPurge dedicated sampling systems and pumps have been chosen since 1982 than all other manufacturers' equipment combined.

To find out why, call QED today for a Low-Flow Data Sheet and site-specific cost analysis.

QED ST1102PM  Dedicated Bladder Pump
QED ST1102PM Dedicated Bladder Pump

This stainless steel Well Wizard dedicated bladder pump is ideal for deep-well applications and can be paired with our MP10H MicroPurge Controller.  The Well Wizard pumps have a field-proven design and durability required for long-term dedicated monitoring.  They are ideal for low-flow sampling (are EPA-accepted) and widely accepted by regulatory agencies, as well as people in the field.  The exclusive PTFE bladder formulation has been rated for more flex life than other bladder materials, and the Well Wizard pumps are issued a 10-year warranty, which speaks to its' reliability.

QED Pneumatic Displacement Pump - Pulse Pump
QED Pneumatic Displacement Pump - Pulse Pump

Cleanup well conditions can be downright hostile: powerful solvents, gasoline and fuel oil, strong acids, caustic bases, corrosive chlorides. That’s why QED makes the Pulse Pump series (our basic gas displacement pumps) in a variety of proven materials that won’t just survive, but will deliver years of trouble-free performance.

Every Pulse Pump model has only two moving parts downwell: high-clearance, self-cleaning ball check valves. This simplicity keeps them working when high solids, viscosity, or chemical attack cause other pumps to clog or breakdown. An external controller is required to control the alternating pressurization and venting cycles for the pump.

The Pulse Pump design is especially suited for sinking hydrocarbons (DNAPL) recovery, which is often complicated by high viscosity and/or extremely aggressive solvents.

Intrinsically safe Pulse Pump systems are fast and easy to install, with no electrical connections at the wellhead.

Flow optimization is simple too; rugged, dependable pumps and controllers (the solar/AC powered C100M and the all-pneumatic L360) deliver reliable operation without needing frequent attention or repair.

Even in the harshest environments, they just keep working - in the most demanding ground water cleanup, leachate collection, and sinking layer recovery applications.


Easier to Disassemble and Clean

The AP4+ was made easier to clean by using 3 bolts to attach the pump inlet and open up the pump. This is easier than having to rotate the inlet multiple turns to unthread it from the center tube inside the pump, especially under field conditions of silt, deposits and coatings. Removing the inlet is also aided by the new, precision ID pump casing, ensuring a more controlled fit. The new pump casing’s smoother internal surface has the added benefit of reducing the rate of buildup of solids and coatings inside in some cases. The Easy Fittings make it a snap to remove the tubing from the pump without cutting, and the float is now easily removed by pulling a clip.

Upgraded Materials

The new AP4+ features upgraded materials for many parts to further extend the service life of the pump and to broaden the range of conditions each model can be used in. All nonmetallic internal parts are now made of PVDF*; this is  a high-grade engineering plastic with higher strength at elevated temperatures and extremely broad chemical resistance, including to acidic and oxidizing cleaning agents sometimes used for pump maintenance. All stainless steel parts have been upgraded to 316-grade for improved corrosion resistance.

Power Pro ESP Electric Pump
Power Pro ESP Electric Pump

The Power Pro ESPTM low-flow electric sampling pump has an all-in-one design with user friendly controls built into the reel. You won't need a heavy AC generator – just run the Power Pro off your vehicle's battery, or go mobile in the field using a portable 12 VDC battery. The ESP Communications ProtocolSM provides simple pump operation with sophisticated control. The In-Water Sensor lights up when the pump is submerged, making it easy to position the pump in the well. The Run-Dry Protection limits drawdown and prevents damage to the motor and seal.

With its variable-speed brushless motor and revolutionary high-efficiency impeller, the Power Pro delivers a new generation of performance. This unique combination consumes 50-75% less power (based on manufacturer's published specifications) which means less heat and lighter, more flexible power supply options. The whole system weighs only 32 lbs.