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Mini-Cam Ltd is one of the leading companies in pipeline inspection solutions worldwide. We are manufacturers of push camera inspection systems and suppliers of crawlers systems and zoom cameras.


Minicam Products

MiniCam Proteus Crawler Camera Inspection System
MiniCam Proteus Crawler Camera Inspection System

Suitable for pipe sizes from 150mm, the Mini-Cam Proteus Crawler Camera is
capable of traveling up to 200m via the manual cable reel and is able to perform
detailed visual inspections thanks to the 360° Pan & Rotate, Forward, and Rear
Facing Camera Heads.

With a steerable 6-wheel drive, the Proteus system is robust, lightweight, durable
and able to operate in harsh working conditions.

Providing high resolution, color JPEG images and MPEG videos, the Proteus
operates with a 360° Pan & Rotate camera head which has an endless rotation and +/-
135º panning range.

The crawler body also has a manual extension arm which raises the camera about
120mm from its usual position. This extension arm is not motorized and so needs
to be manually set prior to the crawler being deployed.

The manual reel for the Proteus is equipped with a maximum 200m cable (please
contact us to confirm the length as this can vary between our rental systems). The
reel features a cable layering mechanism, a meterage wheel, a manual winding arm
and a friction brake.