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Magellan is a leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company. Founded in 1986 and with over 200 key patents in GPS technology, Magellan is recognized as an industry innovator and leader and is the creator of the award-winning Magellan series of portable outdoor handheld navigation devices.


Magellan Products

Magellan Explorist 300GPS
Magellan Explorist 300GPS
The Exporist 300 features Magellan TrueFix technology for superior accuracy and reliability with advanced tools for even easier navigation. The barometer and thermometer provide information on changing weather. The 2-axis barometer pressure altimeter easily determines your present elevation. And the electronic compass shows your direction, even while standing still. Explorist 300 includes 8 MB of built-in maps, 3 navigational screens and 8 MB of memory to save 5 track log files, 500 points of interest and 20 routes.

Magellan Explorist 500GPS
Magellan Explorist 500GPS

The Explorist 500 allows the user to save 5 track logs, 20 routes and 500 points of interest to the 8 MB available internal memory and has potential to store an unlimited amount of data on your own SD cards. Intelligently designed for comfortable right or left handed use, the clearly marked keypad provides one-touch access to all your most important features. Joystick controller makes scrolling the simple menus easy. The large color display is easy-to-read day or night. Customizable navigation screens show your location, speed, direction, and distance to destination and more.

Magellan Meridian GPS
Magellan Meridian GPS

The rugged, cost-efficient Magellan Meridian GPS is designed to make getting where you’re going a fun, easy and safe trip, offering superior tracking and accuracy to with 3 meters or better. Easily navigate with a built-in 2 MB mapping database of North America and unlimited expandability.


  • Accurate

    Meridian GPS finds your location by tracking up to 12 GPS satellites simultaneously. Assisted by the U.S. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), the Meridian GPS is accurate to within 3 meters or better.
  • Easy to use

    An intuitive interface and large keyboard provides direct access to key features, putting the power of GPS at your fingertips.
  • Built-in mapping of North America and unlimited expandability

    Start navigating right away with a 2 MB, built-in mapping database of North American, including interstates, highways, major roads, waterways, city locations, airports and more. Increase your mapping detail by downloading street-level maps on an optional Magellan SD memory card.
  • Full Featured Navigation

    Seven customizable graphic navigation displays show a map, compass, speedometer, and text readouts of heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and more. Choose from 12 built-in coordinate systems and 76 datums including Latitude/Longitude, Universal Transverse Mercator, and Military Grid Reference System.
  • Store routes and track-points

    Store up to 20 routes, 500 waypoints and 2,000 track-points to easily find your way back again.
  • Save Track-to-Route

    The unique, Save Track-to-Route feature allows you to convert complicated track files into easy to follow routes. Save hundreds of routes by transferring them to a PC with Magellan MapSend® software.
  • NorthFinderTM

    NorthFinder technology shows your direction even when standing still.
  • Sun/Moon positions

    The Meridian GPS shows you when the sun will rise and set, as well as the phase of the moon, for any date and location in the world.
  • Fish and game calculator

    Want to know when the fish are likely to be biting in your little corner of the world? The Magellan Meridian GPS can tell you.
  • Satellite status

    Monitor the GPS satellites in view and get information about their status.
    Built to perform on the most challenging and rigorous adventure.
  • Large backlit screen with easy to use interface

    Easily view all the GPS information you need to make your adventure fun and safe, even at night.
  • Rugged construction

    Rubber armored, impact resistant plastic allows you to confidently take your Meridian GPS on that next great adventure.
  • Waterproof

    Meridian GPS is sealed to IEC-529 IPX7 specifications – and it floats!
  • Built-in help database

    Meridian GPS is intuitive, easy to use, and all the major functions are described in step-by-step instructions.
  • Multiple language support

    If you speak English, French, German, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Dutch, so does the Magellan Meridian GPS.
  • 1 year warranty

    We pride ourselves on building rugged and reliable navigation products that you can depend on, backed by a full one-year warranty.