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Labino AB is a Swedish company, founded in 1994, that develops, manufactures and sells the most powerful UV-lamps available on the market. Products are based on MPXL as well as LED technology and together with Labino’s unique interface technology they are able to create UV-lamps that offer unbeatable output performance


Labino Products

Labino Trac Pack Pro
Labino Trac Pack Pro
The Labino Ultra Violet lamps are based on two key components; Labino DUV-35W Gas Discharge Bulb (MPXL-technology) and Labino Trigger-Ballasts (Electronics). The unique interface technology between these key-components creates unbeatable output performance per feeded Watt. All UV lamps have three important distinctions, Floodlight, Midlight or Spotlight. The Floodlight has a wide distribution angle (45°), leaving a large projection area. Midlight has 20°. The unique Spotlight has a very focused (3.5°) highly intense beam and will excite a fluorescent media from several hundred meters. This versatile product improves, simplifies and speeds-up most UV applications as well as creating totally new possibilities.