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JIREH INDUSTRIES designs and manufactures manual and motorized scanners to assist with non-destructive testing in the oil and gas, power generation, and aerospace industries. The company was established in 1981 as a manufacturer of custom automated equipment and has since expanded and developed a comprehensive product line featuring scanners that Pine customers use for the inspection of pipes, vessels, boiler tubes, and more.


Jireh Products

Jireh Tripod TR20 Crawler
Jireh Tripod TR20 Crawler

The Jireh Tripod TR20 Crawler is a remote operated vehicle. It may be used to translate instruments or inspection devices along magnetic material surfaces. Using three rare-earth magnets the crawler can climb vertical, horizontal, and inverted surfaces. The three wheeled compterized drive system, allows Tripod to rotate 360° on it's own axis with virtually no wheel skidding. Utilizing a unique linkage the Tripod's magnetic drive wheels automatically remain perpendicular to the pipe surface when driving in both the longitudinal and circumferential directions of a tank or pipe. With this linkage system the Tripod can navigate on convex surfaces from 24' O.D. to concave surfaces of 72' I.D. This enables the Tripod to be used for many different applications.