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Heron Instruments has become one of the foremost designers and manufacturers of groundwater monitoring instrumentation by developing rugged, dependable, accurate instruments that deliver Pine customers precision and quality. They use state-of-the-art design and the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies then combine them with high-tech materials to ensure Heron products that are dependable.
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Heron Instruments Products

Heron H.O1L Oil / Water Interface Probe
Heron H.O1L Oil / Water Interface Probe

The H.01L oil / interface meter is used to accurately measure the thickness of floating product (LNAPL) above the water table. It will also detect and measure sinking layers of DNAPL. The H.01L with its slim probe 5/8in (13mm), is ideal for wells, piezometers and direct push equipment as narrow as 3/4 in (19mm) ID. The probe and tape will withstand hydrocarbons, solvents and other contaminates. This unit is used by professionals involved with the monitoring and remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil products. The H0.1L interface meter is suitable for wells, boreholes, underground and above ground storage tanks.

Heron Water Level Meter Dipper-T
Heron Water Level Meter Dipper-T

The dipper-T Water Level Meter materials are top quality and one of the most reliable water level meters available using the best available heavy duty tape (tested by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with appropriate ASME standards) with a breaking load of over 300 pounds (150 kilos). The tape is made from stretch resistant, high tensile steel.


The dipper-log by Heron Instruments is an economical, single channel data logger for long term monitoring of groundwater levels in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The dipper-log’s compact size allows it to be used in wells down to ¾ inch (20mm) diameter. The dipper-log uses an absolute (total pressure) system. The system does not require vented cable which is subject to condensation and freezing. The dipper log automatically takes barometrically compensated readings for short term tests.

Heron Little Dipper - Water Level Meter
Heron Little Dipper - Water Level Meter


A small low cost water level meter with all the quality features of the larger units. The fully submersible standard 5/8 inch (16 mm) dia probe makes it an ideal instrument for narrow piezometers, direct push equipment and standpipes. The compact size and light weight of the little dipper is an advantage for carry in sites where portability is a concern.


  • Tape length 75 ft (22m)
  • Light weight & portable
  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) heavy duty polyethylene jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors.
  • Fully submersible standard 5/8 inch dia.(16 mm) stainless steel and FEP probe.
  • Modular electronic panel with battery draw, audible signal and light, sensitivity control and circuit test button.Environmentally protected encapsulated circuitry for durability.
  • Carry bag included
  • *3 year limited warranty.

Heron Skinny Dipper - Water Level Meter
Heron Skinny Dipper - Water Level Meter


This rugged unit is intended for use in narrow tubes and piezometers. The tape on the skinny dipper is a narrow 0.24 inch x 0.133 inch (6.2 mm x 3.4 mm). The probe is 0.25 inch (6.25mm) diameter stainless steel. This thin section enables the skinny dipper to be used in tubes as narrow as 0.375 inch (9.5mm) internal diameter.

The high strength tape has two embedded stainless steel conductors. The graduations are printed under the polyethylene coating in feet x 0.01 ft (not available in metric) giving precision and durability.

The Skinny Dipper includes a fully potted, fully removable electronic module. The super bright red LED and buzzer are housed inside this water tight module. The sensitivity dial on the Skinny dipper allows false signals from cascading water to be tuned out enabling the most accurate readings possible.

Features/Advantages over coaxial units:

  • Permanently marked graduations every ft and 1/100ft (not available in metric). No more stick on numbers coming off in the well.
  • Precise, high strength and less stretch to allow for more precise readings.
  • Easier to withdraw from the piezometer.
  • Corrosion proof.

Heron Small Oil Water Interface Meter
Heron Small Oil Water Interface Meter

Now Certified intrinsicaly safe.
Small size but big features. Heron's small interface meter is an economical unit that will measure to 60ft(20m) below the top of the well, making it ideal for shallow wells or high water tables. The Sm.Oil interface meter measures the thickness of floating or sinking layers of hydrocarbon products in the groundwater. Many of these instruments are used by refineries, oil spill and remediation companies, land fills and site clean up projects.


  • Small, light-weight, low-cost quality meter for use in shallower wells.
  • Certified intrinsically safe. (CSA & ANSI/UL)
  • Easy to read accurate (ASME Standard) heavy duty Kynar® Jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors.(breaking load over 300lb)
  • Tape length 60ft (20m).
  • Powered by single 9 Volt Battery.
  • Carry bag included.
  • 3 year limited warranty * 1 year warranty on replaceable probe

Tape storage reel

Durable polyester coated aluminum reel mounted on a sturdy coated frame. Soft grip handle on the back of the unit for easy use, and “third hand” built in casing hanger that allows the unit to be suspended on the casing while the results are being recorded.

Certified intrinsically safe

  • Class 9098 01 hazardous locations
  • Class 9098 81 Hazardous locations (USA)
  • Class I groups A, B, C and D


3 year limited warranty.* 1 year warranty on replaceable probe

Optional Features

Field support kit Containing:

probe, wrenches, battery, panel nuts and cleaning brush.