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Eddyfi Silverwing Scorpion2 Crawler

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Key Features

  • BEST ULTRASONIC PERFORMANCE - Scorpion2 is equipped with the best ultrasonic electronics and Software the industry has to offer. With its advanced filtering, it can inspect materials 2.5–100 mm (0.1–4 in) quickly and accurately. The software enables unique ultrasonic gate processing, such as floating and tracking gates, ensuring correct wall thickness measurements under most circumstances.
  • CRAWLER UNIT - The battery-powered crawler is designed to go where no one can go. The simple controls and long umbilical minimize the need to handle the crawler. Combined with speeds that can reach 180 mm/s (7 in/s), you can complete inspections faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • PROBE DESIGN - The unique dry-coupled, ultrasonic wheel probe of Scorpion2 removes the need for additional couplant or a constant water supply, unlike typical ultrasonic probes. It uses a twin crystal ultrasonic probe design with a unique rolling face.
  • PROBE CARRIAGE - The carriage enables recording thickness measurements within 25 mm (1 in) of weld caps, making inspecting critical heat affected zones (HAZ) possible. The four, independently powered magnetic wheels with their treaded tires profer Scorpion2 the advantages of easily driving over 12.7 mm (0.5 in) bumps and excellent grip in any condition.
  • BATTERY POWER - Scorpion2 comes with two lithium-ion batteries for continuous on-site operation. The batteries reside inside the crawler, which removes the need for a separate power pack on the ground, while reducing the umbilical and the overall system weight.
  • DATA ACQUISITION SOFTWARE The Swift B-scan acquisition software features several powerful data review, reporting, and printing tools. You can easily review saved data at any time through the active A-scan and B-scan displays. Simply moving the cursor on any part of a B-scan profile shows its corresponding A-scan trace. You can display an adjustable reporting threshold indicator on the B-scan profile, which will help you quickly identify reportable defects and rapidly analyze the complete scan. The full amplitude B-scan mode helps you characterize wall loss which, in turn, allows for a more detailed post-inspection analysis and accurate corrosion assessment. Inspection data can simply be exported as CSV, A-scan and B-scan image, or CMX files which you can import into the CMAP inspection management software. When you do, all the scans are automatically positioned based on X, Y coordinates, providing a complete overview of the inspection.
  • Complete UT crawler system with full A-scan capture
  • Permanently stored data for recall to assist with RLA & RBI trend forecasting
  • No couplant or paint removal required
  • Aid to reduce maintenance costs by minimizing the use of scaffolding.
  • High resolution B-scan image.


  • Vertical storage tanks (shell, roof, internal support stanchions)
  • Horizontal storage tanks (shell)
  • Pipelines
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tank trucks
  • Offshore structures
  • Spherical tanks
  • Marine vessels

Technical Specifications

Power Type Lithium-ion, rechargeable, DOT compliant
Maximum scan speed 7 in/sec (180 mm/sec)
Drive active steer 4 independent
Adhesion 4 x neodymium iron boron magnetic wheels
Near surface resolution 0.1 in / 2.5 mm
IP rating Designed for IP62
Operating temperature 32–104°F / 0–40°C
External circumferential diameter 10 ft / 3 m
Minimum material thickneww 0.18 in / 4.7 mm
Maximum material thickness 4 in / 100 mm
Maximum paint thickness 0.04 in / 1 mm
Maximum step weld .5 in / 12.7 mm


  US Metric
Dimensions 19.5 x 11.6 x 5.1 in 494 x 274 x 130 mm


  US Metric
Weight with batteriese 23 lb 10 kg


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