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A premier surveillance and inspection tool, the Guardian™ S magnetic robotic crawler is uniquely capable, cost-effective and man-portable, weighing approximately 16 lbs. The robot can reliably traverse challenging terrain and facilitate two-way, real-time video, voice and data communication, all from a safe distance. In the context of inspecting operational facilities and equipment, robotic technology can be looked at as an element of digitally transforming the asset management process.  While there is a lot of technology that is involved in such a transformation, robotics in the inspection process can provide a direct digital link to the physical asset. Various studies at IDC have found that transforming the asset management process can yield significant improvements in key areas such as: 20% improvements in asset uptime, 15%-20% reductions in maintenance labor costs, and 8%-10% improvements in mechanical efficiencies.  Again, while the use of robotics is only one part of a transformation effort, the technology has a role and will yield tangible value for the operation.

Key Features

  • Lightweight & Man-Portable: Easily hand-carried, and able to carry a 10-lb payload on horizontal surfaces
  • Expansive Navigation: Low-profile, vertical surfaces, all-terrain: mud, gravel, water, unstructured terrain and confined spaces as narrow as 7 inches
  • Real-Time Communication: Transmits two-way video, audio and sensor data while the operator stays at a safer standoff distance
  • Cloud Connected: Command Center provides robot control, data gathering, analytics and secure communications
  • Simple Remote Controls: Allows operators to get up to speed quickly and enables safer surveillance and payload deployments
  • Immediate Situational Awareness: Performs ongoing observation and investigation of dangerous environments to keep its operator out of harm’s way
  • Ruggedized, All-Terrain Design: Navigate indoor and outdoor territory, complete with 3-D mapping, with up to 3 miles of battery capacity
  • 360° Video Coverage: Provides 12 hours of uninterrupted surveillance, with both daytime and nighttime vision
  • Command Center: Cloud enabled mission management, data collection, storage and analysis
  • Magnetic & Waterproof: Scale ferromagnetic surfaces, and IP65-certified as dustproofand water protected
  • Cloud Analytics & Storage: Command Center leverages Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and IoT hub
  • Mobile IoT Platform: Gather and transform data from sensors and systems to improve operational awareness


  • Boiler visual inspection - first look leak identification
  • Coal Transport Systems
  • Coal and Silo Bunkers
  • Economizer-Back pass
  • Tool and debris retrieval
  • Hi energy pipe inspection
  • Circulating water piping
  • Remote scanning and 3D image capture
  • Steam drums
  • Steam lines
  • Any other 10" + pipe inspection
  • Tank & vessel inspections

Technical Specifications

Max Speed 1.4 MPH (unloaded)
Max Payload Horizontal Surface - 10lbs, Vertical Surface - 5lbs
Operator Control Unit 8.2 in. L x 16.5 in. W x 3.25 in. H
Operating Temp Guardian S -4 to 140 0F -20 to 60 0C
Charging Times ˜3 hrs.
I/O One USB2 (power only)
Communications Wireless: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ac Options: RF Module (Industrial multiple ISM bands: 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz & 5.75 GHz LTE)
Video (6) 4k color cameras with digital zoom Optiontial: FLIR hi-res camera
Audio Built-in microphone and speaker to enable two-way audio between the OCU and robot (half duplex PTT)
Accessories Two-bay battery charger Options: Payload platform with tripod mount adapter, safety tether, Picatinny rail, six-bay battery charger, hard and soft carrying cases


  US Metric
Dimensions 52 in. L x 4.7 in. W x 5.2 in. H 21.7 in. L x 17.4 in. W x 5.2 in. H


  US Metric
Weight, Guardian S Magnetic ˜18 lbs.