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JME Technologies Portable 4 or 6mm Four Way Articulating Video Probe Get Quote



Portable and versatile video borescope with joy stick controlled 4 way articulation, adjustable light probe output designed to make inspections easy and quick. Capture your information directly to the onboard SD card and generate characters to document all information.

Up to 32GB SD card supported, 1.5 to 6m length cables available. Joystick controlled 4 Way articulation 360 degrees. Waterproof cable for industrial inspections. Lithium ion clip in battery holds up to a 6 hour charge.

Image captures 32GB SD card, captures thousands of single images or over 1 hour of full video. Able to USB interface directly to computer or larger monitor. Offers a wide variety of features designed to make your inspections easier.

Key Features

  • Small diameter 4 or 6mm cable
  • Tungsten sheathing for rigorous inspections
  • Joystick controlled 4-way articulation 360 degrees
  • Large 4.3
  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life - lithium rechargeable
  • 1 year warranty