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The NanoScan is the first multi-functional manual hand scanner designed for advanced ultrasonic techniques such as single or dual probe Phased Array, TOFD, B and C-scan and Short Range Guided Wave (SRGW). It is a very small, low profile and lightweight encoded scanner with magnetic wheels which is sold in 4 different kit configurations that will allow you to perform single or dual probe setups and also nozzle inspection.  The nozzle attachment also enables you to perform SRGW scans on a storage tank’s annular ring from the
outside at the chime area. The NanoScan works well for circumferential and axial scanning and is designed to hold many types of conventional and advanced probes & wedges. The probe forks are adjustable and come standard with 5mm and 8mm Olympus style probe holders plus cone set screws for indented probe.

Key Features

  • Lowest cost magnetic wheel scanner
  • IP65 rated encoder
  • Holds most Olympus phased array and TOFD probes/ wedges
  • Strong magnets enable the scanner to scan up a vertical surface
  • High resolution encoder, 0.0015” (.04mm)
  • Compatible - Works with ProScan, Omniscan, TD, VEO, and more…