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Thermo Scientific Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator

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The Thermo Scientific™ Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator supplies precise levels of ozone, carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide or other gases that a user may require. The gas levels are used to calibrate instruments that perform zero, precision and level 1 span checks, audits and multipoint measurements.  The design of the Thermo Scientific Model 146i calibrator meets or exceeds all published U.S. EPA equirements for multipoint calibration, audit, Level 1 and 2
span and precision checks. Options include Gas Phase Titration, UV Photometer, and Permeation Oven.  The mass flow controller, ozone generator, permeation tube oven, power supply, and solenoid valves are integrated into a single microprocessor controlled unit. This permits easy to use, menu driven software and a consistent set of operation screens for all calibration procedures.  Additionally, the microprocessor can make many of the necessary calculations, thereby freeing the operator from having to make the calculations in
the fi eld or laboratory. If desired, the Model 146i calibrator can be operated remotely by a data logger to perform multipoint calibrations.

Key Features

  • Enhanced electronics design optimizes product commonality
  • Flash memory for increased data storage and user downloadable software
  • Enhanced user interface with one button programming and large display screen
  • Gas Phase Titration for generation of O3 and NO2
  • Ethernet connectivity for effi cient remote access

Technical Specifications

Flow Measurement Accuracy +/- 2% of reading or 1% of full scale, whichever is less (20 to 100% full-scale)
Linearity of Mass Flow Measurement +/- 0.5% of full scale
Repeatability of Mass Flow Measurement +/- 2% of reading or 1% of full scale, whichever is less (20 to 100% full-scale)
Flow Range of Dilution Air 0-10 SLPM. Optional ranges: 0-5/0-20 SLPM
Flow Range of Cylinder Gases 0-100SCCM. Optional ranges: 0-50/0-200 SCCM
Zero Air Requirements 10 SLPM @ 30 PSI Optional ranges: 20 SLPM @ 30 PSI
Calibration Gas Input Ports 3, optional 6
Dilutent Gas Input Ports 1
Response Time 99% of target (at manifold) within 60 seconds
Ozone Generator Option Maximum output: 1 ppm @ 6 SLPM. Minimum output: 10 ppb @ 6 SLPM
Photometer System Full Scale Range: 100 ppb to 5 ppm user selectable. Linearity: 1% of Full Scale.
Precision: 1 ppb. Response Time: 180 Seconds to 95% of Target. Minimum Detectable Limit 3 ppb.
Test Channel Analog 6 @ +/- 100 mv, 1,5,10 volts (user selectable)
Digital Control Outputs 10 relay and 8 24vdc solenoid
Digital Control Inputs 16
Temperature Range 0°- 45° C
Weight 51 lbs (58 lbs for 220-240 VAC)
Dimensions 16.75” W x 8.62” H x 23” D
Power 100 VAC 50/60Hz, 115 VAC 50/60Hz, 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 275 watts (with all options)