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The Mini-Seis™ is the very definition of a great blast monitoring seismograph for an affordable cost.  It is ideal for all kinds of blast vibration monitoring and for most continuous vibration monitoring in bargraph mode.  Rugged, reliable and very easy to use, the Mini-Seis™ sets the standard for value in a seismograph.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated, non-loss data compression results in small record sizes and fast data transfer.
  • Wave form (self-trigger and manual-trigger) and continuous bar graph (histogram) modes.
  • Rechargeable internal battery.
  • Excellent power management.
  • Selectable seismic and acoustic recording range, seismic and acoustic trigger level, sample rate and record duration.
  • External seismic package and microphone interchangeable between units of like sensitivity.
  • Keypad and display for easy field setup and data review.
  • Rugged and shielded against RF interference.
  • Maintenance and calibration costs are also less.
  • Costs much less than comparable seismographs.
  • Includes convenient carrying case. Economical.
  • Can use either AC or DC power for long term monitoring.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

Technical Specifications

Operating Time With a fully charged battery all models will operate from 7 to 10 days at 1024 samples per sec. Longer times may be obtained using the timer
External Battery Life A standard automobile battery will keep the internal battery at full charge for several months at moderate temperatures. If the external bat
Operating Temperature 0 to 130 degrees F (-18 to 54 degrees C)
Case Heavy gauge aluminum for effective electrical shielding and rugged protection. A stainless steel case is optional. The case is sealed allowi
Summary Data Summarized data include the event time, date, battery voltage, peak measurements, unit serial number and frequencies. The summarized data ar
Sample Rate Mini-Seis: From 2048 samples per second per channel down to 32 samples per second per channel.
Seismic Recording Ranges Standard (x2)\n0.005 IPS to 2.5 IPS (0.125 to 64 MMPS)\n0.01 IPS to 5.0 IPS (0.25 to 127 MMPS)\n0.02 IPS to 10.0 IPS (0.50 to 254 MMPS)
Acoustic Ranges 0.02 to 2.56 millibars (100 to 142 dB)\n0.04 to 5.12 millibars (106 to 148 dB).
Trigger Levels Seismic\n2.5 IPS Range - 0.01 to 0.57 IPS (0.25 to 14.5 MMPS).\n5.0 IPS Range - 0.02 to 1.14 IPS (0.5 to 29 MMPS).\n10.0 IPS Range - 0.04 to 2.
Records Stored Up to 341 typical coal mine or quarry blast events.
RS232 Serial Port Data can be downloaded and setup commands can be uploaded directly by computer or remotely by modem.