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Our thoughts are with all those affected by the wildfires in California.

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It’s pretty easy to understand why “staying out of the flow” is a smart approach to avoid sensor-fouling and the resulting missed flow data. That’s exactly why we developed the non-contact FLO-DAR® AV Sensor. Using advanced digital Doppler radar velocity-sensing technology, along with ultrasonic level-sensing, the FLO-DAR revolutionizes open-channel flow monitoring by measuring from above the flow. This means it can more effectively provide highly-accurate flow data under a wide range of challenging flow and site conditions, including sensor disturbances, high solids content, high temperature, shallow and caustic flows, large man-made channels, and high velocities of up to 20 ft/s, to name a few.

And because the FLO-DAR is mounted above it all, personnel have little or no contact with the flow during installation. In fact, future sensor removal or replacement can even be done without the need for confined space entry. Talk about a time saver.

Lastly, for those times when a surcharge event does raise the flow to sensor level, the FLO-DAR's pressure level sensor and optional electromagnetic Surcharge Velocity Sensor will continue to provide uninterrupted and accurate flow data. All of this mean less need for routine sensor cleaning or maintenance, and more consistent flow data for your analysis. And that’s a good thing.

Key Features

  • Velocity Technology: Non-contact digital Doppler radar
  • Level Technology: Non-contact ultrasonic and surcharge pressure transducer
  • Excellent for corrosive effluents and silt-filled sites
  • Troubleshooting is simplified with advanced diagnostic features