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Quick Setup
Quick Setup will select a voltage level necessary to achieve 25 watts average power output through the water between electrodes. This setup uses a default setting of a pulsed DC waveform with a frequency of 30 Hz and a 12% duty cycle (equivalent to a 4ms pulse width). All settings can be adjusted up or down from this starting point to achieve levels necessary for fish capture. This is very useful when electrofishing in a new area and you're not sure what settings to use.

Dual Output
This feature allows the operator to set up two completely independent sets of waveforms and voltages and toggle between them simply by releasing and pressing the anode pole switch in less than one second. This can be very useful if working in waters with multiple age classes, or multiple species where the optimal settings may be quite different.

Safety Features
Emergency stop switch, twin audible alarms, tilt and immersion sensors and Anode-Out-of-Water sensor, combined with the ETL safety certification make the LR-24 the safest backpack electrofisher available. With the ETL Listed Mark on the LR-24 Backpack Electrofisher, researchers can be confident that they are using the safest backpack electrofisher in the world.

Power Limit Key and Power Limit Mode
The Power Limit Key allows the user to limit the maximum average output power. It is defaulted to 400 watts, which is the maximum average power output that the LR-24 is capable of producing. It can be easily changed to a lower limit, which can be useful if a study requires staying within a certain power level. The user can decide whether the frequency or the voltage will be automatically decreased in order not to exceed the output power at that limit.

Precise control over output settings
Voltage can be adjusted in 5 volt increments, frequency in 1 Hertz increments, and duty cycle (pulse width) in 1% increments. This is very desirable given study results which indicate that fish injury rates decrease corresponding to decreases in all of these settings. Exact control of the settings allows for much greater control of the output waveforms.

Numerous waveform choices
The LR-24 can produce straight DC, pulsed DC, and Burst of Pulses (previously known as CPS waveform).

Rugged Construction
Roto-molded packframe and molded control box housing offer tough structural support in a light-weight package. The removable battery cover protects all cable connections from environmental conditions and wear and tear.

Storage locations for up to 10 user selected settings
There are 10 storage locations available to either pre-program desirable settings or to store settings currently in use. These storage locations are filled with Factory Default Stored Waveforms, but can be replaced one by one with settings the user prefers. These can be pre-programmed before going in the field or saved and stored while in the field. This can be very useful if a setting has been found to be very effective with a particular species, or it can be of use if a project supervisor wants to standardize sampling and provide settings for crews to use in the field. Factory default stored waveforms can be restored if desired.

Suspension System
The easy-to-fit Cordura suspension harness allows for quick adjustment, making multi-user operations fast, simple and convenient.

Technical Specifications

Conductivity Range 10 to 2150 µS/cm
Output Power 2800W
Output Voltage 50 to 990V in 5V steps
Output Frequency 1 to 120Hz in 5Hz steps, Gated burst up to 1000Hz
Duty Cycle 1% to 99% in 1% steps
Output Current 40A peak max, 4A continuous at 100V
Output Waveforms Smooth DC, Pulsed DC, Burst of Pulses DC
Waveform Storage Save voltage, frequency, duty cycle and pulse type for 10 different waveforms
Operational Duty Cycle 40% Max. (192 seconds on 288 seconds off) at 40° C ambient 400VA output
Overload Protection Excessive peak current, average current or over-temperature will shutdown the unit before damage can occur. Resets automatically when condit
Output Indicator Audio tone for 30VDC and greater and increasing pulse rate for output power, Flashing red light, Status display for output voltage both aver
Metering Peak and average output current, Peak and average output voltage, Peak and average output power, Battery voltage, Battery current, Battery f
Output On Timer 0 to 999,999 seconds, resettable via menu
Environmental Requirements Operational altitude: -400 to 3000 meters\nRelative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing\nOperating temperature: 0° to 40° C\nStorage temperature
Construction Sealed molded polyethylene and ABS case NEMA 4, IP 65
Safety Devices Tilt switch: Forward 50°, backward 40°, sideways 45° all ± 10°\nImmersion sensor\nElectrode out of water sensor\nElectode pole switch\nEmergency
Electrodes Telescoping pole, 6 ft. 2-piece pole, 6 ft. 1-piece pole; 6 in., 11 in., 18 in. aluminum ring, 11 in. stainless steel ring; stainless steel
Battery 40 minutes continuous at 100W with 7Ah battery
Size and Weight Height: 27.5 in (69.9 cm)\nWidth: 14.5 in (36.9 cm)\nDepth: 14.5 in (36.9 cm)\nWeight: 20.8 lb. (9.43 kg), 26.3 lb. (11.92 kg) with Lithium Bat
Certifications UL STD 61010A-1\nCAN/CSA C22.2 STD NO. 1010.1