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The Flo-Mate 2000 has long been the standard portable water flow monitoring. The Flo-Mate is a lightweight, portable electromagnetic flowmeter that provides instantaneous readout of flow stream velocity, river velocity, sewer flow, and irrigation channels, is ideal for weir/flume calibration, and works well with aquafuel pumping tests. Unit has data storage/recall and water resistant electronics. Direct replacement for USGS type mechanical meters. Ideal for NSIP (National Streamflow Monitoring Program).

With instantaneous readout of flow velocity, the Flo-Mate flowmeter is ideal for calibrating flumes, weirs and other primary devices, or for measuring flow velocity in streams, sewers, mining and irrigation canals and other open channel systems.

Technical Specifications

Operating Range: -0.5 to +20 feet/second
Accuracy: ±2% of reading + zero stability
Zero Stability: ±0.05 feet/second
Power Source: (2) D-size alkaline batteries
Operating Hours: 20 hours continuous (wet sensor)