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Advanced Portable Flame Ionization Detection for VOC Measurements

  • Bluetooth® enabled for wireless communication to hand-held datalogging PDA’s and computers
  • Unique 70 hour, low pressure hydrogen fuel cylinder
  • Long-life 15 hour battery
  • Wide measurement range from 0.1 ppm to 50,000 ppm
  • Meets and exceeds USEPA Method 21 (LDAR) requirements
  • Intrinsically safe


  • Environmental
    • Fugitive Emissions EPA Method 21 Monitoring for Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)
    • NSPS Subpart V V compliance measurements in fuel ethanol and biodiesel production facilities.
    • Landfill methane gas monitoring
    • Soil/water Jar Headspace Screening
  • Emergency response
    • Chemical incident response
    • Personal protective equipment assessment
    • Arson investigations
  • Industrial Hygiene
    • Workplace exposure assessments
    • Confined space entry
  • Advanced Wireless Technology

The DataFID represents the newest generation in flame ionization technology with integral Bluetooth wireless technology for fast data download to a portable datalogging PDA or office computer. Now, cumbersome add-on communication attachments can be eliminated with the DataFID’s wireless technology.

Designed for Field Use

The specialized design metal hydride hydrogen fuel cylinder allows up to 70 hours of continuous use at very low pressure (80psi) to maximize time in the field. With this long-life hydrogen fuel system, multiple shifts can use the DataFID without returning for a refill. The metal hydride cylinder has a UN3468 identification number, so it can be shipped full of hydrogen by way of air cargo.

The DataFID’s SmartProbe probe design allows for total control of the instrument right at the probe handle, including flame restart. The large LCD display provides a wide array of information such as real-time concentration levels, peak-hold, alarm levels, datalogging functions, battery condition and flame status. The easy access menu structure quickly guides the operator through the instrument’s operation.

The unique DataFID backpack can be configured as a sling, duffle bag or back pack for ease of use even in the most challenging measurement environments. The backpack is rugged and padded to provide added protection for the DataFID.


Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

USEPA Method 21 regulation for fugitive emissions requires reliable measurements in a variety of environmental conditions. The DataFID meets and exceeds the requirements for instrumentation as stated in 40CFR Part 60 Method 21 as well a NSPS Subpart V V measurements in fuel ethanol and biodiesel production facilities.

Landfill Gas Monitoring
Landfill gas monitoring requires the measurement of methane. The DataFID responds rapidly to methane and, when equipped with an optional charcoal filter, can obtain non-methane Total VOC measurements.

Emergency Response and Hazmat Characterization
Hazmat and Emergency Response teams need portable, reliable instruments to quickly define the hot zone. With its quick response time of less than 3 seconds, results are provided rapidly so immediate decisions can be made regarding the level of equipment required and the appropriate clean-up actions.

DataFID EV Includes

  • Bluetooth wireless
  • Multi-function backpack
  • AC Charger 110/220 VAC with universal plug
  • 10 inlet filters
  • User manual
  • Supplemental air (HC Version only)

DataFID Options/Accessories

  • SmartProbe
  • Supplemental air
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Spare 12-hour battery
  • Hydrogen fuel cylinder refill station
  • Calibration gas regulator
  • ProComm Software

Photovac DataFID Specifications: EV Version

  • EPA Standards: Meets and exceeds US EPA Method 21 regulations for fugitive emissions monitoring (LDAR) 40 CFR Part 60 Method 21and NSPS Subpart V V measurement in fuel ethanol and biodiesel production facilities.
  • Detector: Flame ionization
  • Size: 13”L x 14”W x 2 3/4” D (33cm x 35.6cm x 7cm) without backpack
  • Weight: 12.4 pounds (4.7 kg) without backpack
  • Display: Large 2.8” (7.1 cm) diagonal active area. Backlight manually activated.
  • Keypad: Four menu keys
  • Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Datalogger memory: 24,000 readings interval mode; 5,000 readings tag mode
  • Hydrogen operating time: 70 hours
  • Hydrogen tank pressure: 80psi (4,136 mmHg)
  • Hydrogen cylinder shipping classification: UN3468. Can be shipped full of hydrogen by way of air cargo (shipping documentation required).
  • Re-light after Flame-out: Can be re-lit from probe handle.
  • Battery Capacity: 15 hours
  • Response time: < 3 seconds
  • Operating concentration range: EV Version 0.1 ppm to 50,000 ppm
  • Operating temperature range: 32°F (0°C) to 122°F (50°C)
  • Operating humidity range: 0 to 100%
  • Accuracy: +/- 10% of reading
  • Repeatability: +/- 2%
  • Alarm level: Preset by operator
  • Alarm: Audible at 85 dB, visual red LED on probe and instrument body
  • Calibration Standards: Methane, hexane or propane
  • Probe umbilical: Rugged military specification MIL C – 26482 connector
  • Intrinsic Safety; Class 1, Division 1, Groups A,B,C & D
  • FCC: Class B digital device, pursuant to Subpart B, class B of Part 15 of the FCC rules