California Wildfires

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the wildfires in California.

PINE hopes you and your family are recovering and in a safe and secure location. PINE is here to help during this recovery.

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Thermo 580B OVM Data Logger Get Quote



  • Detection of Soil and Water Contaminants
  • Leak Detection in Industrial Installations
  • Locating Spills and Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
Key features
  • User Friendly Operation
    • Single handed grip with easy keypad accessibility
    • Simplified 7 segment keypad
    • LCD Output steps operator through program
    • Maximum concentration signal hold facilities isolation of chemical leaks
  • Portable and Rugged
    • Operated from internal batteries for 8 hours in the field
    • Positive displacement pump enables sample collection and remote detection of organics vapors
    • Requires no support gases
    • Case designed for protection against hard impacts, harsh weather conditions, and chemical interaction
  • Advanced Calibration Utilities
    • Microprocessor based design offers simplified calibration routines
    • Automatic recall of stored backup calibrations for in-field convenience
    • Ability to store 4 calibrations in memory
    • User settable calibration response factors
  • Flexible Data Logging / Retrieval