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Take PROVEN, PORTABLE gas chromatography technology into the field.

Completely self-contained and convenient to carry, Voyager provides flexibility of analysis, ease of use, and reliable results. And Voyager is rugged and water-resistant to handle the toughest environments.

Enjoy the power, performance and rugged reliability

Many unique engineering and design features make the Voyager the most technologically advanced GC in the world. Rechargeable and field-replaceable batteries allow up to eight hours of field use, or the option to operate off external AC or DC sources. Voyager's powerful analytical engine is composed of a built-in three-column configuration with an isothermal oven for fast GC analysis for up to 40 factory-programmed EPA listed VOCs. With a miniaturized PID/ECD dual detection system, it's easy to see why the Photovac Voyager is truly unique.

Save valuable time with easy on site sampling and analysis

With its built-in refillable carrier gas cylinder and rechargeable battery, the Voyager can operate independently on site for up to eight hours. Chromatograms and/or tabular results are easily viewed in the field using the built-in backlit LCD screen. Voyager's data logging stores a full day of field results, which can conveniently be uploaded to a PC in the field or office.

Use it almost anywhere

Voyager is compact, lightweight (15 lbs./6.8 kg) and ergonomically designed for field use. Carry it by the padded handle, the shoulder strap, or have both hands free for climbing ladders or catwalks using the specially designed harness.

Simplify operation with preconfigured assays

Every Voyager is delivered with your choice of one or more application assays. Each assay automates the setup of the instrument operation conditions. With Voyager, running an assay and collecting data is as simple as press and go.

Voyager application assays

  • Environmental (Assay #1)
  • Petrochemical/Refining (Assay #2)
  • ABS Rubber (Assay #4)
  • Pulp and Paper (Assay #5)
  • Surfactants and Sterilants (Assay #6)
  • Latex Polymers (Assay #7)

By using Photovac SiteChart software, all assays are easily customized for specific applications. Additional compounds can be added to the assay. Customized, site-specific application assays are readily saved, reloaded, and reused.

For more power, performance and portability, the Photovac Voyager is the clear choice.