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The Professional Choice

Metrosonics IAQ monitors reflect 26 Years of experience engineering and developing high quality, state of the art instrumentation. Through continuous improvements in engineering design and manufacturing methods, our IAQ monitors deliver unmatched convenience, versatility, and value.


The aq-5000/aq-5001 can be programmed to perform as either a survey or datalogging monitor. In survey mode snap-shots of all the IAQ data are taken at discrete points. Survey mode would typically be used during the course of a building walk-through. In datalogging mode the monitor transforms into a continuous profiling recorder to analyze IAQ trends. Datalogging mode is typically used in situations where long term unattended monitoring is required.

Rugged and Easy to Use

The handheld aq-5000 is housed in a rugged, lightweight industrial grade anodized aluminum enclosure. Four operator controls, intuitive prompts, and an easy to read Liquid Crystal Display make it ready to use at a moments notice. The portable aq-5001 houses the aq-5000 handheld monitor in a rugged lockable enclosure which is ideal for secure, unattended long-term monitoring. As an added benefit, the aq-5001 can be checked as baggage and shipped via ground or airfreight service ''as is''.

Multiple Reporting Options

The aq-5000 can be connected directly to a serial printer and print formatted reports of summary data and time history profiles. To further analyze the data, connect the aq-5000 to a computer serial port and upload the data into Metrosoft software for Windows