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The GPS Pathfinder® Pro XR receiver is a powerful, easy-to-use GIS data collection and data maintenance system that provides real-time submeter accuracy. Combining real-time beacon, WAAS, EGNOS, and GPS capabilities in a single receiver and antenna, the Pro XR is compact and robust. The integration and flexibility of these technologies means that you have less equipment, cables, and batteries to carry.

Key Features

  • incorporates a 12-channel and differential beacon receiver in one housing
  • WAAS/EGNOS differential ready
  • uses patented EVEREST?! multipath rejection technology to remove multipath signals in reflective environments
  • supports NMEA-0183 output and RTCM SC-104 input/output

Technical Specifications

Power 6 Watts (maximum), 10 to 32 VDC
Temperature Operating 20 °C to +65 °C ( 4 °F to +149 °F) Storage 30 °C to +85 °C ( 22 °F to +185 °F)
Humidity 100% fully sealed
Receiver Casing Dustproof, splashproof, shock-resistant; sealed to 5 psi
Antenna Casing Dustproof, waterproof, shock-resistant
GPS 12 channel, L1/CA code tracking carrier phase filtered measurements, multibit digitizer
GPS Antenna Right-hand, circular polarized; omnidirectional; hemispherical coverage
Integrated Real-Time WAAS1 or EGNOS2
Update rate 1 Hz
Time to First Fix 30 seconds (typical)
Accuracy (RMS) after differential correction Postprocessed 50 cm Carrier postprocessed: With 5 minutes tracking satellites 30 cm With 10 minutes tracking satellites 20 cm With 20 minute


  US Metric
GPS Receiver 4.4 in ? 2.0 in ? 7.7 in 11.1 cm ? 5.1 cm ? 19.5 cm
Antenna 6.1 in ? 4.2 in 15.5 cm diameter ? 10.8 cm high


  US Metric
GPS Receiver 1.68 lb 0.76 kg
Antenna 1.08 lbs) 0.49 kg


Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, glasses, reflective vest, etc)
Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, glasses, reflective vest, etc)