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The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter is a non-invasive meter which is placed directly on the surface to measure moisture in concrete, sand/cement or gypsum screeds. It is used in the flooring and other industries where it is important to know the moisture content of concrete before a coating or covering is applied. The Concrete Moisture Encounter operates on the principle of non-destructive impedance measurement. Parallel coplanare electrodes fitted with spring-loaded contacts are mounted on the base of the instrument. During operation, a low frequency signal is transmitted into the concrete or floor screed to measure the change in impedance cased by the presence of moisture.

Key Features

  • \r
  • Fast Response.

Technical Specifications

Range 2 to 6% for concrete, 0 to 10% fore gypsum floor screed
Display Analog
Power 9V battery


  US Metric
Dimensions 6.4 x 3" x 1.4"" 163 x 76 x 36 mm


  US Metric
Weight 0.75 lbs 0.340 kg