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The Survey Encounter, made by Tramex, is the world's most advanced meter for finding moisture behind and underneath wood, plaster, brick, carpeting, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile - even the backside of drywall. The Survey Encounter operates on the principle of non-destructive electrical impedance to give accurate non-destructive moisture readings from five to thirty percent in wood and relative readings for walls, rooking and other construction materials. You will never have to drill a hole in a wall or floor again. Move the meter along the surface of any construction material and track a leak to its source. The Survey Encounter stores up to 625 readings in 25 files. It rents with software that downloads data to a PC for spreadsheet analysis on graphs and charts.

Key Features

  • \r
  • Library of 32 wood species plus three wall, three roofing types\r
  • Non-Destructive Readings\r
  • Stores up to 625 readings in 25 files, can be reached and displayed

Technical Specifications

Measurement Method Non-destructive signal (impedance)
Frequency 125 kHz
Electrodes Non-invasive capacitive co-planar conductive rubber
Datalogging 625 readings can be stored in 25 files (25 readings per file). Stored data can be read directly from the LCD display or downloaded to a PC with Windows-compatible software.


  US Metric
Dimensions 6 x 3.2" x 0.24"" 152 x 81 x 6 mm


  US Metric
Weight 0.6 lbs 0.272 kg