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Both models of the TSP (total suspended particulate) high volume sampler meet EPA requirements for a flow rate between 39 and 60 cfm, as described in CFR, Appendix B to Part 50. The 5170 model operates with a mass flow controller and a flow rate that is user adjustable between 39 and 60 cfm. The 5170V model contains a fixed orifice with a flow rate 42 to 44 cfm. Both models can be powered with a generator. Each sampler has a seven-day mechanical timer and an elapsed time indicator. Each is housed in an anodized aluminum shelter for outdoor environments. A calibration kit is required and may be rented. Glass fibre filters are available for purchase.

Key Features

  • Meets EPA specifications.
  • Choice of two models.

Technical Specifications

Power 110V Model 5170, 12 amps min. requirement for generator power Model 5170V, 20 amps minimum for generator power
Operating Temperature -30 to +50C


  US Metric
Dimensions 53 x 24\" x 24\"\" 1346 x 610 x 610 mm


  US Metric
Weight Approx. 84 lbs, 2 cartons 38 kg