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Available to rent, the Thermo Scientific In-situ Dilution Probes,EPM 300 Series are designed for wet basis measurement using dilution extractive technology. The critical functions performed by the Series EPM 300 prepare the sample from the stack so that it can be accurately and precisely measured by the analyzer. Using an air-driven aspirator, the system extracts the sample from the stack. The sample then passes consecutively through a coarse filter, a fine particulate filter, and a glass or quartz critical orifice. Lastly, the sample is diluted with air from the aspirator, creating positive pressure in the sample line as it prepares for transport to the analyzer. This dilution process reduces the dew point of the stack gas to below that of the ambient air. The processed sample can then be transported to the analyzer up to 300 feet via an unheated sample line. (Heated sample lines may be required for low temperature applications.) In addition, a sample pump is not required for sample lines less than 300 feet which helps to reduce costs and increase up-time. The critical orifice determines the flow rate with which the sample is extracted from the stack. The EPM 300 Series offers a selection of three different orifice materials, including 7 glass, 5 quartz or 5 Monel orifices, all of which permit easy exchange to accommodate different dilution ratio requirements. The process of sample dilution, as utilized by the EPM 300 Series, promotes the filter longevity and reduces maintenance. In-Situ calibration is easy with the EPM 300 Series Probe. The calibration gas is supplied via the umbilical cord to the stack mounted probe. Then, calibration gas enters the probe and is diluted at the same dilution ratio as the sample from the stack. The calibration line is also used to provide blow back air to the coarse filter for cleaning purposes.

Key Features

  • Diluted sample is transported at positive pressure
  • Dilution of sample promotes filter longevity and reduces maintenance
  • Easy in-situ calibration of total dilution system
  • Heated sample lineis typically not required
  • Sample pump is not required for sample lines less than 300 feet

Technical Specifications

EPM Model 302 Furnished with bolted support flange 46mm (1-7/8\") diameter and four threaded mounting holes.
EPM Model 302C Coated with HALAR. Is used in very wet and corrosive environments. HALAR is a fl uoro-polymer which prevents pitting of the material.
EPM Model 303 Furnished with 7/8\" G threadee end
EPM Model 303C Coated with HALAR and threaded end piece
EPM Model 305 Similar to the Model 302 but designed for high temperature applications.
EPM Model 306 Similar to Model 303 but designed for high-temperature applications. Requires Quartz orifi ce with ball-joint mounting end.
Umbilical Cord Connects probe to control panel. Consists of 4-1/4\" lines, strain relief cord and flexible mantle.