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Ideal for “on worker” short-term or full shift sampling, the AirChek 52 personal sampling pump can be used for STEL, TWA or Ceiling sampling using single sorbent tubes. This unit is the workhorse of air sampling pumps for industrial hygiene studies or environmental testing. This battery-operated pump weighs only 20 ounces, and its modular pneumatic system provides constant flow in a range of 750 to 300 ml/min, reducible to 5 to 500 ml/min with the constant pressure controller. Flow is compensated with up to 25 inches water backpressure and moderated with a built-in pulsation dampener. As backpressure increases, the motor voltage corrects automatically for constant flow, so there is no sacrifice in accuracy, even in dusty environments. If flow is restricted for more than 15 seconds, the pump shuts down automatically, but the timer retains the valid run time.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, heavy duty.
  • Instrinsically safe and EMI, RFI

Technical Specifications

Range 5 to 3,000 ml/min 5 to 500 ml/min with constant pressure controller
Compensation Range 750 to 2,000 ml/min up to 25 inches 2,500 ml/min up to 20 inches 3,000 ml/min up to 15 inches
Flow Control ± 5% set point constant flow
Power Built-in rechargeable NiCd battery pack, 8 hours operation
Approvals UL listed for Class I Groups A, B, C, D Class II, Groups E, F, G Class III Temp Code T3C


  US Metric
Dimensions 5 x 3\" x 1.75\"\" 127 x 76 x 44 mm


  US Metric
Weight 1.25 lbs 0.567 kg