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The StreetBox from Signal provides unobtrusive, accurate measurments of urban pollution levels. Designed primarily for gathering ambient pollution trend information, it is useful for baseline studies where the need for more accurate investigations may be needed.

With an internal memory capacity of 500Kb for several months of data storage, the StreetBox has the ability to record up to 3 gases including CO, NO, H2S, NO2 and SO2. Additionally the Streetbox can measure PM2.5 and PM10 particulate with a sensitivity of 1µg/m3. Data is downloaded via a license exempt radio link to laptop, negating the need for cables and ladders, or remotely via a GSM connection. Alternatively is can also be manually attached with a direct link.

Power for the gas only version is supplied by internal batteries allowing typical monitoring times of up to 6 months, whilst the PM10version requires power from an external source (eg mains or lamp post) as it contains an internal pump.

Constructed from weatherproof plastic and quickly and securely mounted to street furniture, the StreetBox is the ideal rental solution for short to mid term hires.

Key Features

  • Onboard datalogging with data capture via radio link
  • Various monitoring configurations available
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Measurement of ambient gas and particulate

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range: <p>CO: 0 - 1000ppm</p> <p>NO: 0 - 100ppm</p> <p>NO<sub>2</sub>: 0 - 10ppm <p>SO<sub>2</sub>: 0 - 40ppm
Resolution: <p>CO: 0.1ppm</p> <p>NO: 0.5ppm</p> <p>NO<sub>2</sub>: 20ppb <p>SO<sub>2</sub>: 25ppb
Response Time: <40 seconds to T<sub>90</sub>
Repeatability: 1% of signal
Span Drift: <1% per month
PM<sub>10</sub> Sensor Type: Forward Light Scatter
Sensitivity: 1µg/m<sup>3</sup>
Accuracy: 0.003µg/m<sup>3</sup> or 2% of reading
Long Term Stability: 5% of reading
Auto Zero: Hourly
Auto Span: Daily
Memory: 500Kb
Data Capture: License exempt radio link to laptop
Construction: Weatherproof plastic and environmentally sealed
Power: <p>Dual Gas: Recahrgeable battery</p> <p>PM<sub>10</sub>: Mains supply</p>
Operating Temperatures: <p>-20<sup>o</sup>C to +50<sup>o</sup>C</p> <p>(-4<sup>o</sup>F to 122<sup>o</sup>F


  US Metric
Dual Gas Only 11.2 x 6.7 x 5.7in 285 x 170 x 145mm
Dual Gas & PM<sub>10</sub> 24.4 x 9.6 x 6.7in 620 x 245 x 170mm


  US Metric
Dual Gas Only 4.2Lbs 1.9Kg
Dual Gas & PM<sub>10</sub> 18.7Lbs 8.5Kg