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The ADM-870 AirData Multimeter is designed specifically for applications with demanding air distribution requirements. The unique features of this meter are ideally suited for maintaining air quality control in facilities such as hospitals; pharmaceutical, biological and medical research laboratories; and semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms. Designed for field use, this meter is as accurate and sensitive as the best laboratory micromanometer. The 16-point averaging VelGrid provides accurate and repeatable velocity readings at HEPA filters, laminar flow work stations, chemical exhaust hoods, coil banks and other general face velocity applications. The VelProbe is for single point air velocity measurement. Its 18-inch straight shaft can be used in ducts as small as two inches in diameter. Battery powered, with 2000 readings per charge.

Key Features

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  • For critical air quality requirements\r
  • Laboratory accuracy

Technical Specifications

Air Velocity ± 3% of reading, ± 5 fpm from 25 to 10,000 fpm with pitot tube, 25 to 4000 fpm Velprobe and 25 to 2000 fpm VelGrid
Differential Pressure ± 2% of reading, ± 1 digit with 4-place resolution from 0.0001 to 60.00 in wc
Temperature 0.1°F resolution, Accuracy is ± 0.5°F from 32° to 212°F, and ± 1.0°F from -65° to 250°F
Absolute Pressure ± 2% of reading, ± 1 digit from 10 to 40 Hg referenced to vacuum
Memory 100 readings, sequence labeled, sum and average


  US Metric
H x W x D 6.0 x 6.4" x 2.7"" 152 x 163 x 69 mm


  US Metric
H x W x D 2.2 lbs 1 kg