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The LPA-1 lead paint analyzer is a fast, efficient way to quantify lead content on painted substrates, including metal, wood and other common building materials. The instrument uses state of the art XRF spectrum analysis to provide a statistically meaningful measurement of lead content in one to five seconds. The unit's unique 'quick Mode' setting automatically adjusts the measurement time to the lease time needed to make a definitive measurement with a 95 percent (2-sigma) confidence level.

Key Features

  • Measures lead paint levels in seconds.
  • 2-sigma confidence.
  • Now available with optional Portable Data Recorder (PDR) System!

Technical Specifications

Portable Data Recorder (PDR) System No Limitations in identifying the inspection environment and related components. Ability to adopt fixed or variable formats based on inspect
Measuring point/depth 1/4\" to 3/8\"
Response Time 5 seconds typical at 2-sigma confidence level
Accuracy Wood, Drywall: +/- 0.10 mg/cm2 Metal, Concrete: +/- 0.15 mg/cm2
Radiation Source 57Co (10mCi)
Datalogging 4000 data points, RS-232 port
Power Rechargeable battery, up to 18 hours operation
Weight < 3 lbs


  US Metric
Weight < 3 lbs 1.4 kg