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The Quest 2900 is an advanced sound level meter which performs a wide variety of acoustical measurements. Both exponential averaged and time integrated measurements may be made, with the capability of either internal or external data logging. The output of an independently weighted peak detector may also be displayed or logged. Applications include laboratory, industrial, community and audiometric measurement and analysis. The user ultimately controls what is logged, displayed, and printed; select from SPL, LAVG, TWA, max, min, LDN, CNEL, Pa2Hrs, SEL, exceedance levels and time information. Manual, automatic, or threshold-triggered studies provide the user with versatile control. The 2900 provide fast, slow, peak and impulse response with A, C, or linear weighting.

Technical Specifications

Exchange Rates Integrations can be performed with 3, 4, 5, or 6 dB exchange rates
Measuring Range 20 to 140 dB in seven 60 dB ranges meter only 30 to 140 dBA
Easy-to Operate The soft-touch keypad and large backlit LCD make the unit easy to use
Versatile Applications The hand-held 2900 is ideal for compliance monitoring, noise control analysis, traffic studies, worker exposure profiles, and most industria
Battery-protected Memory To protect against loss of exposure data, the 2900 has a special battery-protected memory that also allows storage of multiple files without
Printer/computer Interface With Quest Suite Software (see p. 85) and cable, the 2900 is PC-programmable to allow data manipulation. Analysis reports can be generated u
Expand capabilities with Octave Band Filters When the optional Octave Band Filter OB-300 is connected to the Quest 2900, 33 selectable frequencies in 1/3-octave steps or 1/1-octave step


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Dimensions 3.3 x 8.2\" x 1.8\"\" 84mm x 208 mm x 46mm


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Weight 1.4 lbs 0.64 kg