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The Model 2800 is a rugged Type 2 integrating sound level meter that provides comprehensive data for occupational and environmental noise measurements. The meter displays and prints sound level, integrated sound level, maximum and minimum level, SEL, peak and impulse readings. The Quest 2800 outputs directly to almost any serial printer to provide exceedance level charts. When used with the Quest octave band filter sets, the 2800 also prints each octave or one-third octave band reading from memory.

Technical Specifications

Range 35 to 140 dBA
Frequency Weightings A, B, C, Linear
Response Times Slow, fast, impulse, peak
Output RS-232 port
Standards ANSI S1.4 Type 2, IEC 651 Type 2, IEC 804 Type 2
Power Two 9V alkaline batteries, 16 hours of operation


  US Metric
Dimensions 3.3 x 8.2\" x 1.8\"\" 84mm x 208mm x 46mm


  US Metric
Weight 24 oz 0.68kg