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Forget about having to purge multiple well volumes before sampling, because with low-flow purging technology you can obtain accurate, precise samples with a reduction in purge volumes of up to 95 percent. Low-flow samples bypass stagnant, contaminated water in the well casing and exhibit reduced turbidity, minimized degassing and volatilization. In most cases, you won’t have to filter samples before analysis. Low-flow sampling is approved in almost every state and EPA region. With the Sample Pro Consultant Kit, we offer a complete system for low-flow ground-water sampling specifically engineered for rugged field duty. The heart of the Kit is the MP10 MicroPurge Basics controller that revolutionizes sample pump flow control by making it simple, stable and repeatable. No overshooting, no flow rate fluctuation to disturb the well. An ID mode lets you recall a flow setting for the next sampling round. The Sample Pro pump was designed specifically for portable low-flow sampling. De-contamination is done with quick-change, one-piece disposable bladders.

Key Features

  • First portable pump for low-flow sampling.
  • Reliable low-flow rates and simple bladder replacement.

Technical Specifications

Body 303 stainless steel
Dimensions Diameter: Diameter: 1.75\" Length: 14.75\" w push-in fittings 16.5\" w compression fittings
Pump Volume 100 ml
Flow Rate (.25\" x .25\" OD Tubing) 1.2 LPM at 25', 400 ml/min at 150' max
Maximum Lift 250 feet


  US Metric
Weight 4.25 lbs 1.9 kg