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PM10/PM2.5 Method applies to the in-stack measurement of particulate matter equal to or less than an aerodynamic diameter of nominally 10 (PM10) and 2.5 (PM2.5 ) microns from stationary sources. The sampling train and operation is identical to Method 201A except that the PM2.5 cyclone is inserted between the PM cyclone and the filter. The PM10 cyclone collects particulate matter greater than PM10 while the PM2.5 collects PM less than PM10 and greater than PM2.5. The in-line filter collects PM less than PM2.5

Key Features

  • Cyclone design complies with specification developed for US EPA for Method 201A
  • Each cyclone can be rented together or separately
  • PM 2.5 Cyclone & Nozzle Set
  • PM10 Cyclone & Nozzle Set

Technical Specifications

Sample Port Width The largest nozzle requires a 6 inch port opening.
Operating Temperature Depends on O ring used: Viton up to 425° F, Stainless Steel up to 1300° F