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Ohio Lumex Mercury Vapor Analyzer RA-915 Light

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Mercury analyzer RA-915 light is a low cost analytical instrument for measuring mercury concentrations in air. It is intended for assesment of indoor/outdoor air quality in residential and industrial settings. Mercury is among most abundant environmental pollutants which adversely affects ecological systems and human beings. It shows high toxicity, mobility, and ability of accumulation in trophic chains of water and continental biocenosis. Therefore, it is recognized to be one of the most hazardous global environmental pollutants.

Key Features

  • direct detection of mercury without its preliminary accumulation on a gold sorbent
  • field operation from a built-in battery for performance of ambient air
  • real-time operation mode wide dynamic measuring range (more than three orders of magnitude 0.1-100 ?g/m3)

Technical Specifications

Samples - Ambient Air Minimum quantification limit - 0.1µ/m3
Number of analysis per hour 1 sample per second, real time data


  US Metric
Dimensions - 460x210x110 mm


  US Metric
Weight - 7.5 kg