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The 8832 Data Controller performs the required regulatory calculations in real-time. Whether by viewing the data on the controller display or on a plant DCS, this allows the user the ability to see exactly how the unit is operating at any given moment. Critical operational decisions are much easier made when up-to-date information is available.

Key Features

  • Eight (8) Digital Status Inputs ( Contact Closure)

Technical Specifications

KD: Color LCD Front Panel Display 32 MB Dram
2 RS-232 Serial Ports Universal 110/220 AC Power, 50/60 Hz
2 MB Battery-Back Configuration/Data Ram Ethernet Port
Real-Time Clock CEM Firmware
512 KB ROM MOD: MODBUS Protocol Interface
4MB Dram Analog & Digital I/O


  US Metric
Dimensions 17.00w x 5.25h x 14.00d 43.2w x 13.3h x 35.6d cm


  US Metric
Weight - Less than 15 pounds