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The Amigo represents a significant advance in ACFM topside inspection technology. The smaller, lighter package, has the added benefits of a longer battery life and support for simple array probes. The system allows for rapid scanning using hand held probes as well as at least 5 hours operation time on a fully charged battery. The Amigo is capable of inspection through thin metallic coatings or through non-conducting coatings several millimeters thick. The Windows based software allows for ease of use and compatibility within other Windows applications.

Key Features

  • Intelligent probes to simplify operation.
  • Buttons for RUN / STOP and MARKERS on instrument and larger probes to allow one-man operation in difficult access areas.
  • Access to a wide range of geometries using TSC's new range of active topside probes.
  • Full data storage for back-up, off-line view and audit purposes.
  • Capable of inspection through thin metallic coatings, or through non-conducting coatings up to 10mm thick.
  • Reduced cleaning requirements with no need to clean to bare metal.
  • Around 10 hour operation on one fully-charged battery pack, and easy exchange of battery packs in the field.
  • Rugged site unit, IP54 rated.
  • Dual frequency option: 5kHz
  • Reliable crack detection and sizing (length and depth).
  • Windows software for ease of operation and compatibility with other Windows applications.
  • Rapid scanning using a hand-held probe.

Technical Specifications

Probe Cable Length 5m (16.4ft) standard, up to 50m (164ft) by special request.
Serial Communications Cable Length Up to 30 metres (98ft)
Operating Temperature -20° to 40°C
Environment Protection IP54 rated
Array Support 16 channels plus position encoder


  US Metric
Dimensions 8.1 x 11.5\" x 4.9\"\" 206 x 292 x 127mm


  US Metric
Weight 9.9 lbs 4.5 kg