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The remarkable Testo 318 series Fibrescopes gives you the inside edge on diagnosing hundreds of maintenance and repair problems. The revolutionary flexible shaft adjusts into almost any position. The comfort grip handle allows one hand operation with all the TestoView controls at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Can be used for all types of diagnosis
  • Optional clip on 45 degree mirror makes inspection a snap
  • Quick detection of damaged parts without dismantling
  • Easily check for blocked pipes, vent etc
  • One hand operation with light switch and focus ring
  • Powerful halogen lamp for optimum illumination

Technical Specifications

Number of pixels 6000
Field of view 40 degrees
Probe Length 914mm
Min. focus distance 19mm
Operating and storage temperature -10° to +120° F, -23° to 49° C
Shaft tip diameter 10mm
Light Source Halogen lamp (600 fc, 3220 K)
Housing ABS (black)
Handle dimensions 152 x 36 x 62 mm (6\" x 1.4\" x 2.4\")
Battery Type 2 x AA


  US Metric
Weight 7.1lbs 3.2kg