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Our thoughts are with all those affected by the wildfires in California.

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TEW14 Endoscope Kit Get Quote



This system provides a rigid 14mm diameter, 10 meter working length endoscope with monocolor viewing. Interchangeable heads allow various views, and the system can be powered by a battery pack or from the mains adaptor.

Technical Specifications

Probe Diameter 14mm
Probe Working Length 0.5 to 10m
Objective Tube 35 degree straight, 90 degree straight
Lamp Head Types Ring type for above 0 degree 90 degree
Operating Temperature Outer tube resistant up to 130° C
Battery 12 V


  US Metric
Dimensions - box 1 49 x 6" x 16.5"" 1250 x 150 x 420 mm
Dimensions - box 2 20.9 x 9.5" x 16.5"" 530 x 240 x 420 mm


  US Metric
Weight - box 1 44 lbs 20Kg
Weight - box 2 28.7 lbs 13 Kg