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The unit is constructed of aluminum, for its lightness and strength, and Stainless Steel, for corrosion resistance wherever possible. Very little maintenance is required and the only items that may require to be replaced on a regular basis are the sensor head protection plate (Stainless Steel) and the carriage wheels.

Technical Specifications

The wheels of the scanner are incorporated within the design of the magnetic bridge. This ensures that grounding of the inspection head is k
The complete system can be transported in the trunk of a car and placed into a tank through an 18 diameter man way in one piece. The fully b
The unit requires no external power supply and is completely self-contained. A high capacity sealed Lead Acid battery provides power for the
A twelve channel (one for each half inch of scanned width) LED display is provided for the operator and gives him a continuous display of in
Any indications that break a fixed alarm level triggers both an audible and visual alarm. The audible alarm can be disabled if it becomes pa