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Industry-leading precision, sensitivity, and dependability in one of the most innovative handheld turbidity meters available on the market!

The multi-detector optical configuration assures long term stability and minimizes stray light and color interferences. All turbidity readings are determined by the process of signal averaging over a 5 second period. This minimizes fluctuations in readings attributed to large particles and results in rapid, highly repeatable measurements. Ideally suited for both low-level drinking water applications as well as monitoring high turbidity in the field.

Portable turbidity meter complies with USEPA 180Unit of Measure:.1 Standard

Key Features

  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • USB port
  • 7 languages
  • Backlit display
  • EPA and ISO versions

Technical Specifications

Unit of Measure: 2020we: NTU, AU, ASBC, EBC
Range: 0-4000 NTU/FNU, 0-10,500 ASBC, 0-150 EBC
Resolution: 0.01 NTU/FNU 10.00-10.99\n0.1 NTU/FNU 11.00-109.9\n1 NTU/FNU 110-4000
Response Time: 3 seconds
Accuracy: From 0-2.5 NTU the accuracy is ±0.05 NTU\nFrom 2.5-100 NTU the accuracy is ±2%\nFrom 100 NTU the accuracy is ±3%
Detection Limit: 0.05 NTU/FNU
Range Selection: Automatic
Reproducibility:* 0.02 NTU/FNU or 1%
Light Source: Tungsten (EPA) complies with EPA 180.1 Standard\n860 LED (ISO) complies with ISO 7027


  US Metric
Dimensions 3.4 x 6.4\" x 2.6\"\" 85 x 162 x 67 mm


  US Metric
Dimensions 3.4 x 6.4\" x 2.6\"\" 85 x 162 x 67 mm