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These battery-operated portable analyzers are workhorses for occupational safety and health professionals. Designed for survey work or continuous monitoring, they are ideal for leak testing, ventilation and board emission checking, for backing up a continuous monitoring system or just about anywhere toxic gas is a concern. Each analyzer has an integral sample-draw pump and analog direct-read display. The detection element is an electrochemical voltammetric sensor that delivers highly reliable performance.

Technical Specifications

Accuracy ± 2% of full scale
Minimum Detectabble Concentration 1% of full scale
Linearity 1% of full scale
Output 0 to 100 mV full scale
Power NiCd batteries, up to 10 hours operation, or AC operation


  US Metric
H x W x D 7.25 x 6" x 11.5"" 184 x 152 x 292 mm


  US Metric
H x W x D 7.6 lbs 3.5 kg