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The STX70, manufactured by Industrial Scientific, was developed in direct response to requests for a light weight, full-function, single-gas monitor, adaptable to a variety of needs. Pine offers the STX70 with sensors for carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide. Features include RFI protection, audible and visual alarms, and an easy-to-read top mounted display. ISC’s unique Sewer Guard design houses the STX70 H2S monitor in a watertight, corrosion resistant Pelican carrying case to protect the instrument from wet, highly corrosive hydrogen sulphide environments. The Industrial Scientific STX70 Single-Gas Monitor rents with a certificate of calibration, cal cup, quick start guide, operating manual and carrying pouch. The STX70 is available with carbon monoxide (CO) or hydrogen sulphide (H2S) sensors.

Key Features

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  • Instrinsically safe.\r
  • RFI protected.\r
  • Datalogging

Technical Specifications

Range 0 to 999 ppm in 1 ppm increments
Sensor Electrochemical
Power Two 3V lithium batteries, 2000 hours operation
Operating Temperature CO -4 to 122°F
Operating Temperature H2S -40 to 122°F
Approvals UL for Class I, Groups A,B,C,D Class II, Groups E,F,G CSA for Class I, Groups A,B,C,D MSHA intrinsically safe for Methane/Air mixtures only
Protection Rating IP65


  US Metric
Dimensions 4 x 2.5" x 1.2"" 102 x 64 x 30 mm


  US Metric
Weight 7.28 lbs 3.3 kg