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The Troll 9500 saves time and money with convenient features like Quick-Calibrations, automated Low-Flow sampling, field-replaceable sensors, long lasting internal power, and more. Our field proven Optical D.O. sensor ( RDO) reduces maintenance and the need to visit the site. The Troll 9500 also features a corrosion-resistant housing that is suitable for fresh, waste, and marine waters. The battery compartment and cable connector are IP67 rated, even when detached.

Technical Specifications

Water Tightness Rating Housing ( not including sensors): up to 2500 psi ( 1200/1600ft ) / Battery Compartment: IP67 without the battery cover or cable attached.
Output Options SDI-12 ( optional with SDI-12 adapter ), ASCII streaming mode or binary commmand.
Internal Power 2 internal user-replaceable D batteries ( alkaline or high-power lithium).
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.3% FS Range: -5°C--50°C Depth Rating: Meets highest rating Response Time: <30 sec per 30m ( 100 ft ) cable
Depth, Pressure Range: 30 Psi , 100 Psi, 300 psi, Depth/Rating: 21m/69 ft, 70/231 ft, 210m/692 ft Response time: In thermal Range, instantaneous to ±2% FS,
Data Logging 16 programmable tests (defined, scheduled to run or stored )
Memory 4 MB ( 1,000,000 individual readings. )
Minimum Computer System Requirments 400MHz Pentiium II, 128 MB RAM, 100MB free disk space, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Windows 2000 Professional SP2 or better, or Windows
Connector Twist-Lock connector or stippped & tinned wire. Number of Conductors: 6 Diameter: 6.7mm (0.265\") Break Strength- 127 kg ( 280 lbs )


  US Metric
Dimensions 1.85 x 18.6\"\" 47 mm OD x 47.3 cm
w/ RDO Sensor adapter 3.5 x 8\"\" 88.4mm OD, 20.3 cm long


  US Metric
Weight 4.2 lbs 1.9 kg
w/ RDO Sensor adapter 4.2 lbs 1.9 kg