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This high sensitivity, general purpose field strength meter was designed for maximum accuracy and ease of operation. It is ideal for measuring electromagnetic fields generated by a wide range of equipment, including RF heat sealers, RF/microwave processing equipment, broadcast stations and medical instrumentation. Readings are displayed on an analog scale. The rental unit comes with two probes, H-field and E-field, that allow measurements down to 0.04 mW/cm2 in order to meet the most recent ANSI standards for uncontrolled environments. The probe design is based on development work done by the electromagnetic fields division of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Key Features

  • Automatic self-zeroing circuit.
  • Accurate in any RF/microwave field environment.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response E-Field: 0.5 MHz to 5 GHz, ± 2 dB H-Field: 5 MHz to 300 MHz, ± 2 dB
Dynamic Range E-Field Probe: 102 to 106 V2/M2 H-Field Probe: .001 to 10 A2/M2
Accuracy at Calibration Frequencies 0.5 dB
Power 14 C-size batteries
Probe Length 30\" with 60\" cable


  US Metric
Dimensions 8.125 x 5.125\" x 4.875\"\" 206 x 130 x 124 mm


  US Metric
Weight 6.5 lbs 2.9 kg