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The dipper-log by Heron Instruments is an economical, single channel data logger for long term monitoring of groundwater levels in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The dipper-log’s compact size allows it to be used in wells down to ¾ inch (20mm) diameter. The dipper-log uses an absolute (total pressure) system. The system does not require vented cable which is subject to condensation and freezing. The dipper log automatically takes barometrically compensated readings for short term tests.

Key Features

  • Well-head read out unit, universal head bracket

Technical Specifications

Software Windows based software (Graphics package available) Win95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP
Readings Taken from well head unit, 16000 time/dated readings in engineering/metric units
Battery Easy to change camera style battery in well head unit (change without removing logger from the well) Energizer EL 123 or equivalent
Transducer Accurate to 0.1% F.S
Cable Slim 1/8 inch (3.1mm) flexible cable, 15m in length on a reel Excess cable can be stored in well
Memory EEPROM memory
Max. readable head of water over logger 100ft / 30m (if this is exceeded reading will flat line)


  US Metric
L x D 5 x 0.72\"\" 130mm x 19mm


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