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The dipper-T Water Level Meter materials are top quality and one of the most reliable water level meters available using the best available heavy duty tape (tested by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with appropriate ASME standards) with a breaking load of over 300 pounds (150 kilos). The tape is made from stretch resistant, high tensile steel.

Key Features

  • Third Hand feature allows the unit to be hung on the well casing while test results are recorded
  • Water and dust proofed IP68 electronics on a removable front panel housing the single 9V battery drawer, audible and light signal, sensitivity control and circuit test button
  • Tape scales are printed on the steel tape beneath the jacketing to ensure legibility
  • Standard tapes are marked in feet and 100th/ft., or meters and mm
  • Easy to read heavy duty polyethylene jacketed tape with stainless steel conductors

Technical Specifications

Reel Weight 2.4Kg
Height 356mm(14”)
Width 279mm(11”)
Depth 241mm(9.5”)
Probe Weight 158g
Length 213mm(8.4”)
Diameter 16mm(0.625”)
Depth Rating Full Length of Tape
Wetted Materials Stainless Steel, Viton, Delrin and Teflon
Power Source 9 Volt Alkaline
Operating Mode Static/DrawDown
Sensitivity Control Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction
Audio/Visual Indication Ultra bright Red LED and 80dbi buzzer
Tape Jacketing polyethylene
Tape Conductors 7 strand(4 Stainless Steel and 3 Copper)


Rite in the Rain Field Books
Rite in the Rain Field Books
Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, glasses, reflective vest, etc)
Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, glasses, reflective vest, etc)