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The Global Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instrument for measuring flow in open channels and partially filled pipes. It is ideal for stormwater runoff studies and measuring flow in rivers, streams, ditches and sewers. The probe housing can be placed directly on the bottom of a pipe or stream bed to measure low flows down to one-and-a-half inches in depth. The Flow Probe uses true velocity averaging. When the probe is put into flowing water, a running average is started. As long as the probe remains in the flow, averaging continues until it is steady reading. When the probe is pulled from the water, the average value is frozen on the display until reset.

Key Features

  • \r
  • True velocity averaging.\r
  • Digital display in feet per second.

Technical Specifications

Range 0.3 to 25 ft/sec
Accuracy 0.1 ft/sec
Sensor Protected turbo-prop propeller with electromagnetic pickup
Operating Temperature 0 to 120°F
Power Internal watch-type battery, one year operation
Weight 2 lbs


  US Metric
Weight 2 lbs 0.9 kg