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This reliable little monitor is suitable for a wide range of CO² monitoring applications, including breweries, wineries and bioremediation, and for worker protection at industrial work sites. The monitor detects carbon dioxide and oxygen at low percentages of volume. An internal pump draws samples from remote areas. The optional data download kit includes software and cabling

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use, top-mounted controls.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Type Carbon Dioxide (CO²): Infrared Oxygen (O²) : Electrochemical
Detection Range Carbon Dioxide (CO²): 0 to 5.00% Vol Oxygen (O²): 0 to 30.0% Vol
Accuracy Carbon Dioxide (CO²): ± 10% of reading Oxygen (O²): ± 0.5% Vol
Response Time 90% in 20 sec
Operating Temperature 20 to 104F
Power 4 Ni-Cd batteries, 6 hours operation


  US Metric
H x W x D 10 x 5\" x 6\"\" 254 x 127 x 152 mm


  US Metric
H x W x D 5 lbs 2.3 kg